STILL LESS FAMOUS THAN louis theroux. 

I followed my wife to Canterbury in August of 2014. Before that I lived in Chicago, Seoul, Auckland, Kazakhstan, Seattle and, of all places, Iowa.

I've been writing for a living since 2007 but switched to marketing to in 2012 when I started doing full-time freelance for GrubHub. I joined them as a staff copywriter in March 2013 and have done a bunch of good stuff since. 

I like copywriting because I want to promote a conversation between people and brands. I also want to charm the hell out of them and convert them to the gospel of whatever. 

I have three sisters that I love. I grew in Texas, France and Switzerland.

I fucking Anchor Steam. But will accept a Goose Island IPA or a Bulleit bourbon at almost any time.

The best Wu-Tang solo album is Raekwon's Cuban Linx. Tom Waits' best record is Rain Dogs.