"breaking in" my new pair of jeans by tossing them onto the freeway and letting cars run them over WHILE I HITCHHIKE BARE ASS. / by Dante Sacomani

At the Chapel bookstore/bar in Broadstairs you can read both volumes of Ingmar Bergman's autobiography while drinking a number of beers brewed by Brewdog, a brewery from Scotland.

I was in there today discovering many things about the director, whose films I  enjoy, when a man walked in with his wife. The wife was wearing leopard print pants and told the bartender they were both teetotalers but interested in the history of the building. What was it before? she asked.

It used to be a bookstore called Albion Books, the barman said. What happened to it? she asked, placing her hands on the bar. We installed a bar to get more people in, he said.