I love SPENDING SUNDAYS getting opinions from cartoon characters and TWEETING "I'll kick ur ass" AT THE US GOVERNMENT UNTIL They blow my shitty house up / by Dante Sacomani

At the Millers Arms Pub in Canterbury all the pints at £4.90 but charge you fifty pence for card purchases under £5. So if you go in there you should have some cash or accept the facts, Jack.

You could also buy two pints at a time and sit there looking like someone stood you up because you knew they didn’t drink and still suggested having beers at the Millers Arms. 

I was there earlier imagining myself as a smokestack forced to watch itself spit black into the blue sky for all eternity. i was interrupted by a man who walked in with his wife and ordered the rustic bread platter with farmhouse butter for two. She asked him why he had not opened the google doc she shared with him so he could fill in the names of the people he wanted to invite to their wedding. He said he had and she said goddamn it there were ways to check and she had checked and he had not so don't even.

I looked out the window and watched a man teaching his son to fish in the River Stour which runs just alongside the Millers Arms. I noticed a cat was watching them too. I wondered if cats would still chase and kill whatever was slower than them if they could go to the store and buy already dead things in refrigerated tubs.