I blew all my savings at cafe rouge so i could leave multiple one-star ratings and destroy it once and for all. Now I'm broke and applying for a job a cafe rouge. / by Dante Sacomani

I have not seen my friend since i made a $100 donation to afghanistan in his name and emailed him, "ur so fucked now! guantanamo lol." 

Anyways, if you have only ever eaten fish at Chapman's fish restaurant in Canterbury u should know fish is usually not served frozen in restaurants or homes. We can be assured it's true because it has been televised many times on several different cooking shows.

"Do you watch Rick Stein?" is the question I am waiting for someone to ask me because 1. Yes 2. Yes but he is looking old 3. Yes but holy fuck why are his sons so awful 4. No

Once during an episode, Rick read a passage from Byron, closed the book and said, "you know, sometimes I feel like Byron." He was in front of the sea in Greece, wearing a pink shirt with some leather flip flops.

If i am remembering it right, i turned to my friend and said, you know sometimes I feel like Byron too and he said  same here, let's get burgers. I wasn't really sure if it was a joke or just a misunderstanding but I followed him out to the door and all the way to Byron where he ordered the Grande Fromagemas sandwich while I drank a can of beer wondering how long I'd be able to press my face into a block of ice before it began to sting.