Old screensaver: spinning passport photo of wife. New screensaver: exploding 3d banner that says "Truck Month" no matter what month it is / by Dante Sacomani

The Pullman restaurant, Folkstone-on-Sea, Saturday March 25

Race car driver's fans: Will you be here long? 

Race car driver: Just today. Then it's back to London for a week before Oxford. I'll be there for two months. Eventually we'll need to prepare for Barcelona.

Race car driver's wife: I just loved this meal. Folkstone is so lovely. We should get some deli meats and cheeses and have a picnic by the water. 

Race car driver: Some more wine too. I love looking out at the water. Have I told you about the time I spent in Sarajevo? 

Race car driver's wife: Waitress, waitress. Can you recommend a good delicatessen near by?

Waitress: Is that like a butcher?

Race car driver's wife: A shop with meats and cheeses, that sort of thing.

Waitress: There's a Morrisions nearby.