I Thought i just liked STAYing INSIDE AND LIVing ALONE BUT Now THIS GHOST HUNTER IS AT THE DOOR SAYING SURPRISE I'm a ghost and I'VE BEEN DEAD SINCE 1984. / by Dante Sacomani

I was listening to one guy on the train tell another guy about how funny it would be if he showed up to work wearing the clothes he wears on the weekend because they're a bit extreme and his colleagues would undoubtedly pay him the attention I think he secretly wanted. He had an English accent but answered a phone call he received in a German accent. He was a jokester you could tell, but it was pretty unclear who this joke was on since he used the accent throughout the entire conversation. They were speaking about business that seemed serious and not so much a laughing matter. I decided to follow him off the train and stay close to him until he spoke again which happened inside a coffee and bakery chain called Benugo. He ordered a bacon butty which in this place was called a Sizzling Pork Break'wich. I couldn't really make out his accent though because there were a lot of other people in there ordering their own Break'wichs.