sick of news sites tricking me into CLICKING ON "LINKS" and also posting pics of my bare ass in the comments sections. / by Dante Sacomani

If u go to the King's Head restaurant in Wye they will tell you that there is talk of a michelin. But if you eat the food you will be able to dispute that claim with certainty because the food is total bullshit. 

Today I was at the Refectory restaurant in canterbury eavesdropping on a woman with a "Go Vegan" patch on her coat ordering the eggs benedict dish, but without butter or cream. 

Out of the window I could see some movers carrying a sofa out of a closed down vape shop. In the restaurant’s entryway I could hear a woman asking if they had a table for 14 people. The host looked around and said, “we can seat four to five of you if that works?” 

I then thought of conversation i overheard between two american university students in reykjavik airport not that long ago. They were waiting for their connection to London on their way to a study abroad program. All this and discussing travel plans, too.

One of them was saying say her plan was to take trips to europe basically every weekend. But first she said she needed to take a train to see edinburgh and see that because she's half scottish.

The other said for her it is all about getting to Amsterdam because her brother had been and said you can do it in two days. "It's big but not too big," she said. Definitely smaller than new york city.

to that the first one asked, Oh you're from nyc?

Outside Albany, so pretty much.

then another study abroad kid spoke. I hope to make as far as italy he said. Italy is great but dirty, said the woman from Albany new york, if you go to rome wear your passport on a string around your neck and haggle for everything.

Soon after, the flight was delayed by several hours so i stood up and went to the airport cafeteria area to drink some beers and eat a little tub of potato salad. soon after i saw the study abroad kids' (at least 10 people) come in demanding tables and services. 

"Why can't we all sit together" i heard new york woman say to the host/cashier, "i dont get why we can’t push tables together."

"You have a big group," said the host/cashier, "perhaps it's best to split up over three or four tables."

"i still dont get that at all, but fine," said the young woman. She took out her water bottle and took a drink. On the bottle was a patagonia sticker and one that said Live Love Yoga.

I looked at the tables in the cafeteria zone. They all sat either 2 or 4 people. They were laid out with uniform aisle space between them. They were all nailed to the floor.

I drank the beer and imagined a cutting board with two balls of dough on it. they looked the same but I knew they could not be kneaded together, even with a sturdy roller.