rehashing OUTCOMEs OF world events AND pretending i flipped out more. Wondering how different things wouLd be if i WENT MORE ape shit / by Dante Sacomani

At the Tacos loco restaurant in canterbury UK you can experience the real mexico i think. but i cannot not say for sure because i have never been to tacos locos or mexico. today i was standing outside the tacos locos restaurant looking in through the windows, wondering if there is any better escape from reality than going to new places and sampling the regional gastronomies.

“Please God anywhere, just not here,” I thought. Though I have travelled, it has only been from west canterbury to north canterbury. From The ASDA side to the Morrison’s side. It must be the fascinating, the world of big travel. To go through extraordinary lengths to marvel at foreigners buying groceries.

These travelers, i hear, are not content to simply gawk (i picture myself contented by gawking). I have heard they take pains to record with their phones those things that in their home countries would be nothing more than the mild irritations of life, but in foreign places become the very stuff that real life is made of. For what could possibly be more exciting than to see a Vietnamese man transporting a whole bunch of plastic colanders on his motorcycle? When Dung gets home after a long day of scooter scuttling, he will have no idea of his exalted status as Authentic Man. Perhaps this is for the best.

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