SPENDING ALL DAY listening to "MY HUMPS" on repeat for 7 hourS and typing up a list of complicated questions re: POLITICS / by Dante Sacomani

If you go to the unicorn pub in canterbury and would like to take one of their delicious pizzas home to enjoy – do not worry that is possible. i know b/c there is a sign that says so.

But the message on the sign is facing away from the people – so the bartender can read about the take home pizza options, but others cannot. There is a mirror behind the bar so I think you could maybe try to look at yourself in the mirror and then discover the hidden message on the sign - but even then you would have to read it backwards. 

Today I was in the unicorn and a man was in there sitting near the sign that says no vaping. but then he pulled out his vape and vaped. The smell of the vape smoke was like warm tapenade on a thin crispy cracker. I liked the way it smelled and wondered how much we would have to bond before he considered me a trusted friend, and worthy of some vape share. 

So I explained to him about the pizza sign that was backwards and the vape sign that was forwards – and asked him if it mattered to him that all sorts of signs were being obscured and ignored.

i forget what he said in reply but his voice sounded like he was from New Zealand so I changed my tune and told him I had been to a camp in his country one time– and that it was a good experience for me because there was no war taking place in NZ at that time and also because it was beautiful.