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Holy hell if you go for a relaxing lunch at the Anchor restaurant in Margate it is important that you call ahead to make sure they have tables available – and also that the current Maitre D is not working because he is very high strung. He will tell you stories that are probably all lies.

ex. I Saw no people crying over the pork cracklings like he said they did.

I was in there thinking about an article i read re:a pistachio farmer in california, when the waiter came over and told me the last american he'd seen in the restaurant had ordered the scotch egg. “He didn't know what it was, but he ordered it anyways,” he said. I replied it was a shame that nothing on the menu was new to me. It would be nice to be surprised.

Oh, he said, have you been here before? I began to say no and make an excuse – but he cut me off. Suddenly patting his little tummy loudly and walking away. He patted his tummy some more and walked back to his co-workers at the bar. “Oh look at him,” he said. “He thinks he's seen it all.”

They were watching a soccer match on a phone propped up against a beer glass. They said cheers and downed some pints with crisps.

When the waiter came back he asked what i wanted and i told him to surprise me. 

he said, we're out of hake, so the fish and chips is now gonna be cod.