a scientific disproving of vloggers, esp. the ones holding my daughter for ransom / by Dante Sacomani

IF you watch the 1994 Jet Li movie called LEGEND OF RED DRAGON you will see the early scene where some Empire guys show up in the village and kill everyone with spears and swords. It is great martial arts cinema but promotes a fucked up worldview i suppose.

In the scene, one fisherman is hiding in a hut and surviving much longer than the other peasants who are not hiding. He seems smart. Maybe he is somebody special. He’s getting all the screen time. Then an empire dude bursts through the hut wall and dices him up. Ah hell, he was nobody.

The other day I was in the Monument vegan bar and pub in canterbury reading an essay about cruise ships when i had to use the restroom. At the urinals was another guy, tall and white with dreadlocks, He said to me "these urinals are too close together!" I said I promised to not piss on him if he promised the same courtesy in return. He looked at me and said "I suppose in America they have dividers between all the urinals."

Returning to my seat, i heard a man making a point to his friend. "It’s a morality thing for me," he said. "I love all animals. That is why I cannot see Isle of Dogs."

The last Wes Anderson movie I saw in the cinema was Grand Budapest Hotel at the Eastview Cinema in Chicago, IL.

Before that one, i saw the one about boy scouts. That one I saw it in Portland while visiting my sister. We saw it together in a cinema by a mall. It finished around 9 at night but it was summer so when we walked out and the sky was still all sun and light. We went to a bar and discussed it. There was a new smoking ban in the city but in this bar they still had ashtrays on all the tables and were pretty okay with letting you smoke in the back by the pinball machines. They had two machines. One had jet li on it. I looked for an empire dude with a sword busting out of the walls. I looked for him in case I was a peasant who had gotten too much screen time. I wondered what it would be like to be hacked up. I wondered peasants are killed by empires but soldiers die for them. I would like to be killed by what i would die for. Smoking indoors, I think. I checked again for empire dudes but there were only a few people in the bar, all drinking beer and eating the free nuts.